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Team Jack & Hill Eureka Stair Climb 25 Nov 2018

Team Jack & Hill Eureka Stair Climb

6 Week Training Program

Starting Monday August 27 2018

Climbers, if certain days don’t work for you then change them according to your lifestyle.  If unsure please ask one of the Personal Trainers, we will be only too happy to customize a program for you.

Ideally for this program train using a stair case that has between 100 - 200 steps. 

For best results, take two steps at a time – this allows you to cover more ground in less time.

If a railing is available, use it. It takes a small amount of weight off the legs resulting in better overall stamina.

When running becomes too difficult, don’t be afraid to walk - you can still cover ground with a solid walking pace.

Your mind will want you to stop before your legs & lungs; stair climbing can build a mental strength unlike any other

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