Small Group Training

No joining fees. No lock in contracts.

Our energising 45 minute and 30 minute Small Group Training sessions are available 7 days a week.

Limited to 6 people per class, means personalised attention and a great deal of care. It is just like Semi Private Personal Training.

Our training has a strong focus on core stability, movement, strength building and flexibility with the aim of providing an all-over body workout.

No two sessions are ever the same as our experienced trainers structure them in a way that reflects their unique personality and style.

Whether your goals are based around getting back into exercise or you are a fitness enthusiast, our small group classes will help you take your strength and conditioning to the next level.

Class Descriptions:


The seven most important movements for optimal human functioning.

Primal Pattern moves/ movements were necessary for survival in our natural habitat.To thrive as a healthy, functional and resilient human being now, you must achieve a Primal Standard and master the primal moves/ movements.

Primal Movements include:  Lunge, Push, Bend/ Hinge, Pull, Twist, Squat, Gait/ Crawling

Conditioning has also been added to get your heart rate and fitness up.

Benefits:Increase your strength, burn fat, move better, increase your range of movement.

F. I.T

Combination of strength and conditioning with the emphasis mainly on fitness. This 30 minute class is sure to take your work capacity and fitness to another level. Get a lot done in a short amount of time.


This program builds total body strength including your core. The program promotes the building of lean muscle and burning fat. You will be taught the vital lifting techniques of the big compound movements so you can lift more

Using moderate to heavy loads. You'll have low to medium repetitions and working close to fatigue using a variety of  tools. The class will also finish with some fitness and conditioning.

Benefits: Rapidly improve strength, Increase lean muscle, set strength and fitness goals & learn the correct lifting techniques

J & H Circuit

A high intensity workout using all major muscle groups for a total and complete body workout.

Benefits: Lose fat, increase strength and endurance, improve flexibility/mobility.


An amazing location in the Edinburgh Gardens. There is no better way to kick start your Friday morning and get the heart pumping.

Great session variety including circuit weight training, high intensity interval fitness training and body weight exercises .

Benefits: Lose fat, increased strength and improves fitness

Session times:

Monday 6am Primal Moves

Tuesday 5.50pm F. I.T (30 minutes)
Tuesday 6.30pm J&H Circuit
Wednesday 6am Strong & Stable
Thursday 6.30pm Primal Moves
Friday 6am (outdoors) Boot Camp

Friday 9.40am The Zone
Saturday 9.40am Strong & Stable
Sunday 9.30am J&H Circuit

Call 0411 553 804 to inquire about our membershiP

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