Small Group Fitness

No joining fees. No lock in contracts.

Our energising 45 minute Small Group Fitness sessions are available 7 days a week.

Limited to 10 people per class, means personalised attention and a great deal of care.

Our classes have a strong focus on core stability, strength building and flexibility with the aim of providing an all-over body workout.

No two sessions are ever the same as our experienced trainers structure them in a way that reflects their unique personality and style.

Whether your goals are based around getting back into exercise or you are a fitness enthusiast, our small group classes will help you take your conditioning to the next level.

Session times:

Monday 6am
Tuesday 6.30pm
Wednesday 6am
Thursday 6.30pm
Friday 6am (outdoors)  & 9.40am
Saturday 9.40am
Sunday 9.30am

Call 0411 553 804 to inquire about our membershiP

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621 Brunswick St,  north Fitzroy 0411 553 804