I took on a very physically demanding task… To go from overweight and inactive in any sport to sprint in the athletics at the Australian Masters Games. This needed to happen in less than 3 months. The challenges were great and my initial target was just to get to the start line of a race! I have no doubt that Jack & Hill exercise program and expertise were the key reasons I was able to succeed in reaching my goal. Jack & Hill conducted a comprehensive assessment and set my foundation preconditioning program and helped me overcome a major injury through corrective exercises. This activity allowed me then to build up my fitness and speed from an almost zero base to a competitive level. All the time I was guided, continually monitored and encouraged by Simon and Kathy. With these two firmly in my corner, not only did I get to the start line but I made the final of the 100M, ran a 200M heat and then played 3 games of AFL masters football…. winning a silver medal in the football! I can’t thank Jack & Hill Studio enough.
— Mark, East Brunswick
In late 2008, I came to Jack & Hill. I didn’t like diets, trainers, or exercise, or gyms but I was overweight and unfit and my dislikes were overshadowed by my desperation to feel physically better than I did. Simon tested my flexibility, posture, reviewed my diet and devised an exercise program for me. He also recommended osteopathy treatment and massage and suggested an eating plan. In 10 months I have lost 17 kilograms and can now bench press, dead lift, and push-up like a veteran. I know I’ve worked hard and been disciplined in following the program, but I also credit highly Simon’s encouragement, expertise, care and the very positive atmosphere at Jack & Hill.
— Dominie, Northcote
For 20 years I had been doing personal training twice weekly well before it became popular. I never really looked forward to these sessions as they consisted of pushing me beyond my limits. Despite this, I was still 6kg overweight, had a sore left knee and could not see any real benefit. At 54, I wanted training that I enjoyed, addressed my capabilities and improved my fitness. Jack & Hill offered a holistic approach to exercise, diet, stress management, stretching and posture. It was great to have someone who encouraged me and really cared about what I wanted to achieve. After thorough assessment my training program was targeted to my individual needs with an emphasis on proper technique. I now eat nutritious organic foods. I am more aware of the impact stress plays on my body and have adopted many of the C.H.E.K. philosophies. I have fortnightly deep tissue massages as advised by Simon. I am now 56. My posture has improved and my knee has stabilised - I can now do exercises I was previously unable to do. Jack & Hill Studio has kept me on track towards my goals. I have lost 6kg of body fat, improved my fitness and I am proud of my newfound definition. I look forward to further improvements as I continue my association with Jack & Hill incorporating the C.H.E.K principles that work.
— Janine, North Fitzroy

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