our difference

We genuinely care about you and have created a thoughtful, calm space where we help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We care about getting results for you.

Renowned for our unique and holistic approach to health and fitness, we draw on years of research and science with proven techniques to enhance the health of your body.  

A private studio with complimentary towels, a shower facility, ample street parking and tram stop at our doorstep are amongst the many benefits you will enjoy at the Jack & Hill studio.

We are all different. One size doesn't fit all. There is no one exercise program for everyone and everyone has specific needs. We design specific exercise programs for you based on our very comprehensive assessments and the goals you would like to achieve.

There is no one diet that is right for everyone.

To thrive, you have to eat what is right for you. We are here to help you uncover it. We identify your individual and genetically based nutrition requirements through Metabolic Typing. This is the key to good health and wellbeing, shedding unwanted body fat and building valuable muscle.

In our comprehensive consultations we will:

  • Identify your Metabolic Type

  • Discuss how to eat for your Metabolic Type

  • Map out easy to prepare meal plans

  • Design personal shopping list of foods

  • Address any other health & lifestyle factors with practical strategies

  • And most importantly, provide you with accountability and support.


Jack & Hill Studio are proud supporters of:

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